About Brad

Brad Whittle is a young musician and composer of Sacred Music. He studied guitar as a child, but other pursuits left music on the back burner through adolescence. In his late teens, he experienced an awakening in his Catholic faith and decided to relearn how to play the guitar in order to participate more fully in the Mass. Brad further developed his musical skills under the tutelage of Bobby Fisher and Eileen Bird, broadening his skill set to include piano and learning to understand music theory. He did all this while studying at the University of Cincinnati, and graduated in 2020 with a Bachelors of Education.

To date, Brad has composed 20+ songs to the delight of his mentors and friends. He is actively seeking publication for many of these pieces and plans to continue composing many more. He is currently a seminarian in the Diocese of Covington and studies at St. Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Brad performing in middle school
Brad dives back into music at 18
Brad starts writing and recording
Brad begins playing music around Cincinnati for various occasions (pictured is the Immaculata during the praying of the steps in Holy Week)
Brad finishes his first project, Love Abides Within
Brad begins as music minister for St. Boniface & James parish in Ludlow, Ky
Brad begins writing and recording with Bobby Fisher
Brad begins recording with Trevor Johnson
Brad is accepted into seminary formation for the Diocese of Covington

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